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Great FREE opportunity

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New Exciting Opportunity for 10 young people aged 19 to 24

An exciting opportunity has arisen for 10 individuals 19 to 24 to attend Pershore Horticultural College residential in the beautiful Vale Of Evesham.

This is a 4 day residential staying on site inclusive of all travel, meals and entertainment. It is a huge opportunity for anyone within the age group with a natural leaning to working outdoors i.e. allotments, gardening initiatives, farms, food cooperatives or on local green spaces. It will enable students to gain an insight in horticulture and the opportunities associated in going into this field of education.

There will be opportunities to visit working farms as the Vale of Evesham is the biggest supplier of fruit and vegetables to super markets nationally.

This initiative will also tie into a new initiative that supplies 12 business units to local businesses and the students will also be planning the public and open space around the site and will be paid to implement the plans on site on their completion of the residential course.

This initiative will also enable young people to work in a calming environment and give them the much needed head space to consider future options

Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Telephone: 0151 734 4933 with your details so we can register your interest to take part in this great FREE opportunity!

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