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SBHA coronavirus Service update 21.05.2020

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                          On 18th May 2020, the Government published a letter to all social housing tenants in England outlining its expectations on services   
                          re-starting in light of lockdown restrictions being eased. You can view the letter in the link here. 

                          Our utmost priority continues to be the safety of both our staff and you our tenants and customers on the basis that the Covid-19                                    pandemic is still a threat.  Risk assessments and service re-start plans are already being established, but we must ensure a   
working environment for our staff.

                          The availability of PPE (personal protective equipment) and guidance on social distancing continue to be key considerations for our
                          current service delivery position as outlined below.

                  Our services an update:

                       Operating Now

                          -  Emergency Repairs                       Call us on 0300 123 2030 to report an emergency repair 7 days a week               
                          -  Essential Compliance checks      Annual Gas Service, Lift Servicing, Weekly Fire Panel Checks,
Water Hygiene Checks                                    -  
Communal Maintenance               Communal Gardening, window cleaning and internal communal hallway cleaning                                          -  Housing Services                          All staff are working from home and are available during working hours, can be         
on 0151 734 4933 or via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

                       Starting in the near future

                          -  Empty homes refurbishment
                          -  Lettings of general needs properties to those currently on the waiting list subject to continued risk assessments
                          -  External repairs
                          -  Repairs for those who are not shielding subject to continued risk assessments
                          -  Planned improvement works subject to continued risk assessments

On Hold

                          -  Community Events subject to risk assessments
                          -  Yanwath St office still closed
                          -  Application process is closed to all new applicants


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Steve Biko Housing Association
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Fax: 0151 734 3294
Repair line: 0300 123 2030

How to get to us, the following buses will bring you to our office. 86,26,27,76

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