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Your Rent

It is your responsibility to make sure your rent gets paid and you do not get into rent arrears.

Even if you receive Housing Benefit you are still responsible to make sure that your rent is paid every week. If you are entitled to Housing Benefit it is your responsibility to make sure your claim is submitted to Liverpool City Council.

You are responsible for any rent arrears that occur due to problems with your Housing Benefit claim.

Please be reminded that rent collected is used by the Association to provide a good quality service and to maintain your home to a high standard.

Ways to pay your rent

We try to make it easy for you to pay your rent by providing a number of payment methods you can use:

Allpay Online
To pay via the Allpay website you will need the 19 digit Rent Payment Card number (displayed across the middle of your card).   Visit online at AllPay Online. You can also make one off payments over the phone via CallPay by calling our Office on 01517344933

Post Office or Paypoint Outlet
Payments can be made wherever you see the PayPoint sign at your local shop, newsagent or petrol station. You can also use your card at any Post Office.

Direct Debit
You can set up a Direct Debit by calling 0151 734 4933 or calling into the office.

Call 0844 557 8321 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to pay via an automated telephone line using your debit or credit card.

Allpay App
Debit or credit card payments can be made via the allpay App available Apple and Andriod smartphones.

Mobile Phone
Register online at to pay by debit or credit card using your mobile phone
If your rent card is lost or stolen please call us on 0151 734 4933 and we will arrange to send a replacement.

Rent arrears action

Our policy is to make early contact and encourage tenants to make sure their rent is being paid so that formal action is not required.

If action needs to be taken, Steve Biko Housing Association will ensure that it is taken as early as possible. Before formal action is taken visits are made so that the Association has the opportunity to assist tenants with any problems or make an agreement to clear the debt and explain the implications if the agreement is not kept.

Number of Weeks Owed Monitoring Required
1-2 weeks Stage 1 letter or personal contact
3-4 weeks Appointment Letter
5-6 weeks Threat of Notice Letter
6-8 weeks Notice of Seeking Possession served
8-10 weeks Letter warning of Court Action if no agreement is made
10-12 weeks Court application made with appointment to see Client Service Officer

Court action and Eviction

Steve Biko Housing Association views court action and eviction as a last resort. This action will only be taken if all other options have been exhausted and the tenant fails to maintain regular payments.

Where to go for help and advice

AT SBHA we understand that from time to time tenants have difficulty in meeting rent payments. If you are experiencing a difficult period, please contact your housing officer immediately who will work with you to resolve the situation.

You can also see advice and help in respect of welfare benefits including housing benefit from:

You can also seek advice and support from
Remember it’s never too late to ask for help.

Changes to Welfare Benefits 2019

The Government is making big changes to benefits that may well leave you out of pocket. We want to help you cope and understand how it might affect you.

The Government's next step is to transfer people from existing benefits to Universal Credit between July 2019 and December 2023. In April 2019 the Universal Credit Work Allowances will increase for people with children or people with limited capability for work.

The leaflet below sets out the change.

Click here for more information on the changes.

Loan Sharks. Don’t Get Bitten

A loan shark is anybody who is lending money without a licence from the Office of Fair Trading (OFT). These unlicensed money lenders are working illegally – they are “loan sharks”.

How loan sharks work, They all tend to work in similar ways:

What to do if you have borrowed money from a Loan Shark

If you have borrowed money from someone who doesn’t have a licence, you haven’t broken the law – they have!

You can report them in confidence, by:

Other ways to borrow money

You don’t need to turn to a loan shark for money, there are alternatives to borrowing money. You can use your local Credit Union. If you want to find out where your local Credit Union is in the Liverpool or Merseyside area, click here and just enter your postcode.

Further information on loan sharks and ways to borrow money can be found here