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Reporting a repair

Steve Biko Housing Association will offer a translation service when required and provide information leaflets in multi-lingual format on request.

Tenants can ring our repair line 0300 123 2030 where your call will be answered by trained staff.

Emergency Repairs: You can report Emergency Repairs outside of office hours on: 0300 123 2030, 365 days a year.


For non urgent repairs, as well as telephoning on the number above, you can also report repairs to SBHA direct:


When a repair is reported, Steve Biko tries to provide an efficient service which reflects the fact that some repairs are more urgent than others. To do this, repairs are categorised into three main groups with different response times.

Emergency repairs (including Out of Hours)

The completion date of an emergency repair is when the source of danger has been removed. Wherever possible, completion of any further works will be within 3 working days.

Urgent repairs

Routine repairs


This includes lifts, fire detection equipment etc and will be carried out in line with the statutory duty placed upon the Association or best practice.

Gas Servicing

Every year we carry out annual inspections and servicing of gas appliances, this is a legal requirement and your co-operation to allow access to carry out these checks is vital. Faulty gas appliances can be killer. We have a strict policy that ensures we make every effort to gain access and access to carry out this work including taking legal action if necessary.

The Gas Serving Engineer will always give the tenant a copy of the safety check certificate. If you are due for your gas appliance service, please contact us to arrange access on 0300 123 2030

Investment works

Investment programmes are driven by our stock condition data. We carry out regular stock condition surveys to ensure that our properties continue to meet or exceed the Government’s 2010 Decent Homes Standard.

We are currently committing £100,000 per year on our kitchen and boiler replacement programme.

We have replaced kitchens in the following areas:

In 2013/14 we began replacing our kitchens in Hector Peterson Court and over the next Three years we will replace bathrooms, windows and doors and upgrade communal facilities at Hector Peterson Court.

As a tenant you also have responsibilities

You must allow us access to your home to carry out maintenance or safety checks on appliances such as gas fires and boilers.

If you have any doubt about the safety of a gas appliance in your home, turn it off and contact us immediately. If you have any suspicion of a gas leak, immediately call National Gas Emergency on 0800 111 999 and call our repair line on 0300 123 2030

Please help us to ensure your safety by keeping appointments for us to inspect your appliances. Failure to give Steve Biko HA reasonable access to your home to undertake essential maintenance is a breach of your tenancy conditions, which could result in legal action to enforce access.

Satisfaction with repairs
From time to time, we may ask you for your views on the standard of our repairs service. We appreciate your co- operation and use all information gathered to improve services. 

Staying warm

Staying warm in winter is very important, especially if you are ill, frail or elderly. So saving energy in your home not only helps you stay warm but can save you money too.

If you would like free expert help call the Energy Saving Advice Service on 0300 123 1234.